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    Meet The Home Branch Team The most talented group of passionate professionals you will ever love doing business with!

    Why Are We The Best?

    Across every industry of business, the best of the best have one thing in common... They are constantly improving their company and level of service, and they make it their highest priority. At The Home Branch, we are always researching and implementing new technology, new systems, and new talent!   When we created The Home Branch with all of this in mind, our first order of business was to structure our company for efficiency and improvement.

    We Focus on Specialization & Expertise

    The vast majority of Real Estate companies operate the same way.  A Broker (independent contractor) recruits several Realtors® (independent contractors), who eventually grow large enough to hire Agents (independent contractors) of their own, and so on, and so on.... Every company is just a big group of Realtors® doing the same job from start to finish as everyone other Realtor® in the company, all competing with one another in the same market area.

    At The Home Branch, we are building divisions for all areas of the Real Estate process, not just Buyer & Listing Specialists.  Our recruiting process is very thorough and demanding, our team members are the best at what they do, and it's their only job!  Whether a team member's position focuses on Showing Homes, Negotiating Contracts, Marketing, Inside/Outside Sales, Administration, or a particular Property Type, they have the skill set, the personality and the opportunity to constantly enhance their area of expertise.

    We want our team to love where they work, and love what they do, because our clients will know the difference. Please feel free to learn more about our team below!

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